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Re: WWYD with 900 ounces in the deep freezer?

I haven't read through all of the replies but I wanted to add this... As the recipient of donor milk, I loved meeting donors in person and encourage you to donate that way if you can. You know that your milk is going to a real baby, the recipient gets a feel for your lifestyle and puts a face to the gift that they receive. Milk donation is a wonderful thing!

I also wanted to add that the guidelines for milk storage are just guidelines. If it is in the deep freeze, it will likely last well beyond the one year mark. The first supplement that my DS2 received was a bottle of milk that I had saved from when I was pumping for my first son. I kept it on the door of my freezer compartment for nearly 2 years and it thawed just fine, smelled and looked just like all of my other milk form way back when. As far as the ages of he babies go, ideally the milk should go to a baby whose age is within 6 months of the age your baby was at when the milk was expressed.

Kudos to you for your awesome stash, and good luck finding a new home or use for it!
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