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DH drinks all the time. He works four nights on and four off and usually drinks atleast 3. Its not just one or two beers, its atleast 5 vodka drinks Plus sometimes shots and beer. He's a bigger guy so I'd say he gets drunk and occasionally completely **** face wasted. He's not drinking alone, we live in a couldasack and our neighbors like to drink as well. **at night from around 7pm to 2am, not during the day**

This behavior is not normal for me I did not grow up around it and I don't want my daughter growing up around it either. DH did. drinking and "having fun and living life" as he calls it was normal and typical in his house. Although I'm sure not 4 days a week. This is like college drinking.

I brought it up tonight as we are moving and I want to move out of the culdasack to reduce the drinking. And it made me wonder if this is or ever was the norm in your household either now or growing up?

I do not want our daughter around her daddy when he smells of boos and is acting stupid drunk. I don't want this to be her normal. She is 5 months now.

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