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Re: Care for intact penis

Originally Posted by mommyoftwoboys View Post
I don't know much for caring for uncircumsized, but I would think you would need to make sure you're cleaning it very well, not just a quickie wipe.
I'd also check with your ped to make sure that there is nothing going on.

I had both of my kids circumsized, and with my second son, I kind of regret it, because he bled quite a bit from getting it done and was alot harder to care for than when my oldest was born. And then the skin got stuck together, and we had to have the ped pull it apart, making it bleed again.
So sorry about your son. Shame on that ped, the adhesions should have been left alone, not re-torn. They would have separated on their own.

OP, you are doing things right. Wipe it like you would a finger (from the base out) and don't retract, that's all it needs!

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