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Re: Homebirth increases adverse outcomes and death

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
I was discussing this with a friend and she is of the opinion that we cannot compare hospital with home births because of the lack of regulations across the board. I don't understand this reasoning and we both had screaming kids so we had to get off the phone and I couldn't ask her yet

Isn't that WHY we should be comparing them? We can't just throw out numbers because we don't like them. If the choice is there to birth at home with a little-educated midwife who chooses to pray and not carry meds, that's a choice that needs to be included. The point is to compare all births. Lack of education and experience at a birth and whatever happens at the end need to be included because that experience happens, and thus needs to be included in the reporting. Don't we have to compare what happens in reality?
I think the reason you cannot compare is because some planned home births are unattended, some are attended by a family member or friend. Think my mother with her 3rd child or my aunt in the 70's. Some are attended by poorly trained 'midwives'. All these do not reflect the birth outcome for a responsible person who chooses a well trained midwife whether that midwife is a CNM, CPM, or direct entry midwife. Yes, I do think a direct entry midwife if properly trained can be a good option.
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