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Re: Homebirth increases adverse outcomes and death

I agree. My mother had 3 unassisted home births (including me) and I've had one (so far ). A friend of mine who has had 2 home births with a midwife was also midwife's assistant for many home births. None of us have ever seen a bad outcome at home, but most of the hospital births we know of involved unnecessary interventions and were overall unpleasant experiences for all involved.

It doesn't matter where a baby is born; birthing is dangerous. Sometimes it does't work out well. Rather than just look at the data regarding babies who live through birth, you should also pay attention to complications that occur to both the mother and the baby due to the nature of hospital birth routines: exposure to hospital germs, drugs, antibiotics, fetal monitoring, premature rupture of the membranes, forced removal of the placenta, elective c-section delivery, etc.
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