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Re: Actual reasons for induction

Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
Honestly? I think that women are entirely capable of choosing what kind of birth they want, though anything elective shouldn't happen until full term (38-39 weeks). Once someone reaches that point though, I don't give two hoots why they elect to induce/section/birth at home in a shoe closet, it's their right. In your case OP, I would absolutely induce at 38 weeks and feel very proud about making it that far with all you've had dealt to you
Thank you. Every day is a struggle, heck even every hour because I don't know if a contraction will hit, my pain will come back, or if that pain will bring on contractions. I am awake @2am right now because my pain woke me up. I am not supposed to take any pain meds until 4am at the earliest and I am not sure I can wait that long. I am @e@yw3d today and wish this could be over now. I have an NST @9am with my OB where I will let him know what has been going on this weekend.

I know that baby should cook inside for as long as it needs to. But when staying pregnant is a detriment to the mother's mental well being, it is hard to say finish up the pregnancy. For I know that as soon as baby is out, my pain will stop and we can start the road to slowly and safely weaning off the meds together. I have tried tapering off now, but even not having enough pain control sent me into labor on Wed and I thought (plus my OB and a 2nd OB) thought I was having a baby Wed night. I am glad baby was able to stay put but at the same time, the knowledge of having to keep being in pain has been too much.
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