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Re: Actual reasons for induction

Tomorrow I go in for an amnio to check on the baby's lung maturity. I had another (still having it) pain this morning starting at 2am. It is now 18 hours later (and I have been awake this whole time too) and I am still in moderate pain.

My OB wanted me to get the amnio done today when I went in to L&D for pain control but they had no slots open. And depending on what the results are, I should be induced this week, if not next. And I have started Evening Primrose Oil and will start the suppository version tonight.

I am not doing well mentally with all this pain and the contractions it causes. My nurse today saw what happens when my pain gets to high; I have very strong regular contractions. But as I was watching the monitors to see how the contractions were, I noticed that when I had a bad pain spike, the baby's heart rate would also spike (140's to 160's). I never really paid attention to the baby's HR before when I was having these pain spikes but I noticed it this time and it saddens me that my pain is putting the baby through this.
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