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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

All things considered meaning I did NOT go in there looking for a c-section. Considering the c-section caused me great depression, anxiety, and a complete overall distaste and regret about my most of my birthing experience, I thought "all things considered" was the more mild form of, "Other than choosing the wrong OB, who sabatoged my birth plans, lied to my family to manipulate me, and ultimately destroyed my chances at a natural birth (from the part where she broke my waters without permission to the part where she convinced me to get stadol which completely made me unable to make my own decisions), it was a good experience." I'm not going to get into details in the letter because I don't want this letter spanning 3 pages - the longer it is, the lesser chance the CEO will even read it.

As much that is wrong with it, I don't even think I'm going to bother sending it. After the day I've had, it would be easier to just sign up for the stupid c-section and pray I don't die during surgery. I could go into details about everything you picked apart, but why bother? I DO have an OB who is in support of this, but he can get into trouble for not immediately referring me to another hospital knowing I plan on trying to VBAC, so he wants to see what they say about the letter before he gets involved with the hospital admin. He's almost gotten in trouble before because a patient blew off her scheduled c-section and came in in labour and refused to get cut - they thought he knew and approved of what she was going to do because of his very pro-VBAC stance.

But at this point why even freaking bother. It's nothing to do with you, and I know you weren't critizing so don't take it personally. I am just so incredibly ticked off that I even have to do this....that I have to FIGHT so hard already for a normal freaking birth. What the heck does it matter. If I die or can't have children ever again because of a screwed up c-section, oh well...I probably deserve it anyway.
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