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Dipe Laundry Questions

I just got some used bumkins from another mama here, I am the third owner and they are very loved but I see no reason that they wouldn't still work for dd. I washed them last night, cold prewash cycle first, then hot wash w/ 1/2 scoop Allen's & 1/2 scoop baby oxy (trying to brighten) and cold rinse. I tumble dried them. DD wore one overnight (I put in a microfiber insert under the cotton croch flap) and it did just fine. This morning I put on another, once again with the microfiber insert (the cotton panels look kinda thin to be very absorbant, but I am new to CD so maybe it doesn't need to be thick). I took her to a dr appt and noticed when I got her into the office that she was moist around her thighs. I put another one on her, without the insert and by the time we got home she had moist thighs again. She isn't a chubby-thighed baby by any means, but also not tiny. The diapers are quite faded and have stains and I was thinking maybe they need to be stripped? This is my first time using bumkins and I was wondering if the thing thing was common or if the diapers just needed some TLC. I also need to know how to strip them. And, my other dipes are fuzzi bunz, can I wash them together? When I got the FBs they said don't wash w/cotton products but I would hate to do two loads if it wasn't nessary. My FBs also seemed to have lost their buttery soft feel, is this normal? I try to only hang dry them but sometimes I need another dipe ASAP so I will throw one or two in the dryer and my dryer doesn't have heat settings, only high, will this damange the dipes or is ok every once in a while? I can't really afford lots of dipes and want to avoid disposies alltogether so I have to wash kinda frequently. Any suggestions?

oh yeah, dd is 8.5 months old, about 17- 17 1/2 lbs & 27" long.
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