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My son is 6 and plays Call of Duty. I don't *love* it, but my DH and I have compromised. DS is now allowed to play with DH or his Grandpa. DS is amazingly good, as in he's way better than the other 2 and is always coming back to revive them. They mostly play zombies, but also Black Ops. He had more, but we got rid of them.

My son is super smart and super sweet. He has several friends that manhandle him. My son is the gentle giant. If I saw him swearing and wanting to kill things, I would be super concerned, but he doesn't display those kind of behaviors.

He gets that games are games. He watched Pacific with us. We talked about how war should always be a last resort and that those "bad guys" are someones dad, brother, husband, child, etc and that to them we could be the bad guys.

We don't shelter him at all. He hear us say adult words and knows they are only said by adults.
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