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Re: Atheist parents?

We are as well in California. I was raised a go to church twice a week Christian, but found real truth after moving out when I was 18. My kids are still very small, so we haven't dealt with bullying yet. Luckily my parentd and sister haven't made a fuss over not raising my kids to go to church. When we visit we all jusy go to church together to be polite. Besides, it's fun for the kids to play, do crafts, hear stories.

To my kids, I plan on teaching them that the religious books of different faiths are just a collection of stories that some people actually believe, ju ust as people u sed to believe in tje Greek and Roman gods, etc.

I will teach them that if someone tries to tell them that theu are going to hell, they can quietly laugh it off, knowing it's just a fairy tale. They can just tell them that people have different beliefs all around the world and there is no need to worry about hell. If other kids of faith can state their beliefs, then non-religious kids can too.
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