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Re: Vaccine links

Originally Posted by sprior View Post
I have never understood the idea of a "debate" or "another side" to an issue like this one where there is scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective
There is actually no scientific consensus that proves vaccines to be safe or effective. As a matter of fact there is zero scientific research available that has tested the safety of the vaccine schedule in its entirety. There is a study here or there done on either a single vaccine or a single ingredient in a vaccine, but no study involving every vaccine given to a child from birth to adult or from birth to grade school for that matter. So it isn't quite as black and white as to say vaccines are safe and effective. Not to mention that as far as effectiveness; no vax is 100% guaranteed to protect against the disease it's being administered for. I appreciate both view points on the topic and don't judge parents either way on their CHOICE of whether or not they vax, but it is very important to educate yourself with all available resources and make your decision only after you've have an educated opinion.
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