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Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
We eat a lot of soups, stews, and casseroles. These meals are ones in which I can make meat last longer without any noticable difference. We only have 3 kids but my meals are made to have left overs so can typically feed between 10-12 adults. For example spaghetti I make from scratch using canned tomatoes. I use 1lb of turkey sausage to 60oz of crushed tomatoes, 30 oz of diced tomatoes, 16 oz of tomatoe sauce and 14 oz of tomato paste. Then I use my own seasoning mix and about 1-2 whole garlic bulbs crushed. I made this for dinner thursday. My kids and husband took leftovers to work and school. My toddler and I used the sauce to make pizza bread for lunch Friday. Today(saturday)my kids and I had spaghetti for lunch. The remainder of the sauce will be frozen for a future meal. Possibly even be used for homemade pizza. I usually try to make homemade garlic bread to go along with this but got lazy and didn't make it this time. When I do 2 loaves are usually gone within 24 hours. I usually use a recipe in Bread in Five Minutes a Day and add in 2 bulbs of crushed garlic when mixing up the dough. Then before baking I lightly coat it with olive oil and generously sprinkle on Italian seasonings(my mix). Then I pat it on gently to insure at least some sticks. Had I made the bread I would now have much more sauce to freeze than I do have. I don't add salad to my spaghetti typically because salad makings tend to get expensive.

Some meals I like for making meat last are lentil stew, barley stew, split pea soup. I love chilli as I have made a large pot of chilli last 4 meals with left overs for us.

I make sure when I make chili I make at least 2 gallons of chilli. I bought a large 3 gallon pot just for this purpose. Then we have chilli for dinner and left overs for lunch. The next time I serve it I will add in pasta and top with cheese. We will have this for dinner and again for the next days lunch. The next time I served it up I expanded the meal with a vege mixed along with some more cheese topped it with a corn bread dough and baked it up and called it chilli pot pie. We ate this again for dinner and then again for lunch the next day. However we did not do this consecutively. After each meal I froze or refrigerated the meal. The chilli I froze in meal sized portions. So some packages of chili I mad e smaller as I knew I would be adding to it. The left overs from those meals I refrigerated and used within a few days. By the third change up of the same meal the kids were actually pretty tickled at the idea of having the same meal but different enough even my picky husband would eat it without complaint.

My husband loves beef. As I am sure you are already aware steak isn't exaclty cheap. So to accomodate his preferences I will hunt out any sales or discounts and occasionally buy steak just for him. He works to provide the food so I make sure he gets what he wants at least every now and then. Even if this means I must cook 2 meals for dinner that day. If the kids complain they don't get the steak I tell them they can have the steak when they are working for a paycheck. I know sometimes my husband feels like he is working for nothing. The occasional steak makes him feel like he is special and appreciated and his work isn't for nothing.
This was helpful to me. :-)

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