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To bulk up a meal, bake a bread- we love garlic bread- I get a whole loaf for about $2. Very filling. Also stock the freezer with lean cuisine meals like Swedish meatballs or enchiladas. You can have a meal for yourself in 3 minutes. I save those for myself as emergency meals. Mama has to eat! Make sure you're taking a multivitamin too. Your family needs you energetic and healthy. Their lives will be better too and you'll be able to think clearer. I always cook triple size dinners and we eat it for lunch the next day and even dinner again. That way if a surprise guest comes for dinner you always have plenty as well. If the kids are still hungry- have some pbj sandwiches handy. Pastas are filling and they sell whole wheat pasta too. My kids even like green pasta (spinach). Serving icecream as dessert is filling too and not too unhealthy. I've even served popcorn with an after dinner movie to make sure the kids were full enough for bed.
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