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Re: Should I just give up?? 6mo old having problems

Totally agree with all of the votes for Baby Led Weaning. And also.... THROW AWAY the baby spoons! Ok, not really, but I truly believe in never spoon feeding a child. The only use for a "baby" spoon is for them to play with, practice with and eventually feed them selves with. Especially for any "family" meals, we always gave our DD either big chunks of what we were eating or if none of it was appropriate, fruit or veggies (RAW). Somedays she just played, most days it went in and out of her mouth. Occasionally it got eaten. And gradually the amount eaten got to be more and more. And then, by learning naturally (i.e. watching those around her), at about a year, she started to pick pieces up in one hand, hold her spoon in the other and shove them into her mouth together. I will never again think it is "normal" to spoon feed a child strange combinations of pureed food unless there were special circumstances effecting safe swallowing. I feel that Baby Led Weaning is the only natural way to allow a child to begin to understand what food is, how it looks, feels, tastes, responses, etc.

That said.... I had a close friend who nearly jumped out of her skin every time her children came within inches of non-pureed food before the age of 18 months. Seriously, her husband gave their 11 month old a SINGLE kernel of corn and she almost fainted. Even after reading all of the Baby Led materials, she said that she could understand it was safe, but couldn't internalize it. I fully supported her enjoying her children and her need to spoon feed purees in order to do it.

Honestly....their son is now just as good of an eater as my daughter. It was a more complex transition, but it allowed her to maintain her sanity. So.... Baby Led is great, but you have to do what is going to maintain peace, calm and harmony in your household.
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