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I tried again and he seemed to really like sweet potatoes, but that only lasted 2 days and now he's not wanting it again. I froze a banana then put it in one of those food netted teethers and he liked that for about a day and now won't take it. None of my others were ever this picky! The only thing he loves to eat is paper! I really wanted to get him to eat more bc he went to the dr last week and he's lost a lb and off his growth curve though he's still in the 68th percentile for weight. I just feel like he needs more calories. I'm even struggling with keeping him nursing bc he's so distractable. I even nurse in my bed laying down to prevent distraction, but everything makes him turn, even a strand of my hair ; )! He does co-sleep and so he nurses all night, but I need to het him on a better schedule so I can actually sleep at night.

Excuse the lengthy rant, I'm just pooped out. I love this guy and just want what's best for him, but feel like I'm losing my mind from lack of sleep! : )
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