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Re: *planned c-section* Help me make my birth plan!

I am slowly assembling a birth plan, and because I like to be thorough, I'm including a birth plan for a repeat cesarian section just in case it does become necessary, although my first and most vehement choice would be a VBAC. My cesarian was a last minute decision, so I knew nothing of my choices going in, nor could I make them known.

Things I am including:

I must not have my arms strapped down. This was probably the most traumatic part of my cesarian the first go around. I was not expecting it and being restrained caused me no end of panic. That and I couldn't signal when I had a mouth full of vomit and couldn't expell it, which make me panic more.

I want my husband and child to follow me to recovery. Being separated from my newborn baby, knowing that everyone in my family was getting to hold her before me was torture. I felt so cheated.

I want to nurse ASAP - if not on the OR table, then in recovery.

I definitely don't want a second scar if possible.

Unless absolutely necessary, I don't want to be knocked out. I recognise that sometimes in emergency situations that's required, but short of that, no thanks. I plan to find out what method/drug the anesthetist used during my cystectomy earlier in the year, because whatever it was I reacted badly to it and couldn't stop vomiting - I'd like to avoid that this go around.

If I cannot be with my child because the baby is ill and needs help elsewhere, my husband is to go with the baby. I want one of us at minimum to be with him or her.

I want something other than morphine for pain once the spinal wears off - morphine makes me loopy and tired.

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