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Originally Posted by stevensmom

The last email I got was about my crappy computer.

The last pm was about your auction entry.

Sorry I didn't respond.

**I do know how to iPod on the other hand does not**
Oh, ok, that's right told you - my memory stinks today!

Took our bulldog girl to a show today an hour away with BFF. I watched the baby while she showed the dog. Dog didn't even place though - judge thought she was too thin for his taste. I felt really bad because she would have won 1st if she wasn't so thin. She looks perfect to me but I am going to feed her more to thicken her up for May's showings. BFF was visibly discouraged even though she didn't admit it. She was already in a funk. today though because they just sold their house and didn't make any equity off of it. She had 2 offers, so idk why she couldn't get a higher price for it, but there was no bidding war or anything. So they kind list their shirt on it because they put a lot into it to fix it up to sell.
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