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Re: Experience with BumWear pull-ups?

If you are talking about these:

I had three for my 4 1/2 yo son when he was a bed-wetter (he is almost 8 now, stopped wetting the bed shortly after he turned 5). I had the kind with snaps on both sides, but if I could have done it over I would go with no snaps; sometimes he leaked out the snaps and I am not entirely sure why. I think he'd pull them on by himself and the fabric wasn't always laying flat.

They are pretty puffy and I thought they were short in the rise. His were stuffed with a Premium PF and maybe a hemp doubler (I can't remember) and VERY puffy. He was average height/weight and I always thought they looked like they were falling off. I'd prefer a higher rise. But, as I said, the only leaks were out through the snaps.
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