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Re: Experience with BumWear pull-ups?

I just posted a review on Nicki's today, but sadly they cap it at 500 characters so I had to cut most of it out. I bought these to use at night for my 1yo (20.5 lbs, 29.5") who refuses to lay down for a diaper change after his bath. In retrospect I should have tried the first one longer before buying more, but my DH was desperate for a pull-on solution. I would not buy again for this purpose.

cute prints and colors
cheap vs similar options
fairly adjustable snap configuration
soft fleece lining
can accommodate flip organic + hemp babies doubler

very narrow pocket opening (thought about just cutting it wider myself)
cut best for tall and slim (or maybe it's toddler vs baby dimensions?)
not as stretchy as i hoped
wick at the leg elastic more than any other diapers

They may work better as an actual day trainer (slimmer toddler build, less stuffing).
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