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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

Originally Posted by Tootsiemomma View Post
10 month shots??? Never heard of that, My dd has had up to her 6 month shots but she's 12 months now and I'm still researching the shots and may or may not get any more. And I think it's around 18 months where the signs of autism start appearing which is around the time of shots (never heard of 3 year shots either?) My main reason is the MMR, I don't like it, I've read the ingredients and the side effects...SCARY! it contains aborted fetus cells!! I don't want my child injected with a dead baby's cells! The side effects, to me are worse that if she were to get the diseases themselves. I still have more research to do but those are the main points for me right now

what are the side effects? do they happen RIGHT after or late in life?
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