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ISO hemp/bamboo yardage, homeschool, IHA Affordable M fitteds, new knits, and MORE

hoverers: ISO L fitteds, bamboo/hemp yardage, etc... Sm/med fitteds, bummi's dappi, bobux, woollies and knitting, ISO: charlotte mason, large fitteds, waldorf books, others... will also trade for specific things I want from my etsy store. family cloth, pretty baby wipes made with vintage linens, longies and patterns.

Click on the links to see pics.. I didn't embed them here so it would load quickly.

Immediate ISO:
a SSC or ergo type carrier as a gift for a friend/new mama, 4T trainers and hemp/bamboo yardage see more below.

and Bobex, I think 6 months.. can't find size soft soled shoes (Robeez are basically new, simple brown/white gender neutral. (TV $19ppd, paypal $13ppd)
- 16 mama made awesome fitteds, Sm/Med for the lot: (TV 80, paypal 65)
- 2 bummi's original newborn cover[/URL]s - well loved/partly stained (TV $8ppd, paypal 7ppd)
- practically new (used twice) gender neutral sheepy sac ( TV 15, paypal $11)
- LOTS of dappi covers - some NIP smalls
- more added soon - with pictures.
- Montessori Homeschool DVD, shapes (TV 15, paypal $9)
- Barenstein bears NIP DVD, (TV 9, paypal 6)
- Children's book of virtues, (TV 5, papal $8)
- Winnie the pooh, (TV 5, paypal 8)
- series of vintage life lesson books (TV 60, paypal $37 shipped)
- knitting... I'm licensed for rompers, sleeper bags, longies. I don't often take on customs because I'm oober-concerned they won't be perfect enough for me... but am happy to chat about some kind of trade. Or consider me your elf... have me make holiday gifts for you!
- crochet dishcloths
- baby blankets
- holiday gifts
- Etsy stuff: check out my linkie - for the most part anything in my etsy shop is up for grabs. I can make longies, family wipes, mama cloth, etc...
- Cestari fine girly yarn (TV $17ppd, paypal $14ppd)
Handknit newborn sleep sac,ONE and Two TV for either 30, paypal for either $20.
- Toddler UGG house boots. (without waterproof sole) Toddler size L - my son fit in them until he outgrew his size 9 shoes. If I had to guess I'd say approx US size 8
- I have some solid Cestari yarn in lavendar and light bluish.
- 2 sets of rings for making ring slings.

- A lot of Simply Charlotte Mason
- Kinderbach
- Waldorf materials, waldorf curriculum (pre-k, k, 1st)
- Sing, Spell, Read Write K/1 (maybe preschool)
- maybe Draw, Write, Now or
- SM earlybird

- Large fitteds - natural fibers
- 4t trainers
- GM, Sbish snapless or LG

- Soaker Yardage: Bamboo, Hemp, Terry, Sherpa, etc...

- size 10 pediped or Kai or boy shoes
- Anything disana, ruskovilla, engel, etc...
- 4T-5T boys - organic pjs, other pjs. Nothing synthetic or with characters.
- Try me on yarn. I dye my own so I usually don't go for the oober expensive, but Cestari or Purewool, or try me on others.

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