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Re: If you/your s/o disagreed on circumcision....

My dh and I just reached consensus on this issue yesterday and he agreed to leave our ds intact. I gave him a ton of info, I can email you the letter I gave him if you want.

My dh's reasons were unfounded and antiquated information. He came around to leaving our ds intact far more easily than I could have imagined. I will always be grateful to fact that he listened to the information and is leaving our son's genitals intact.

He does say that ds can make the decision himself when he is "older". I'm not sure what he means by that, but I'm not worried about it--Its not likely to be our sons desire to go through an unnecessary surgery.

Also, check your hospital--I recently learned that there are mamas on this board whose husbands gave consent for circ without their wives approval. Our hospital gives the mother final say over everything.
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