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Re: If you/your s/o disagreed on circumcision....

Are those stats worldwide? I'm guessing if it were just the US it would show the opposite result.

I just don't understand why it has to be this big to-do. This is not how I wanted to remember my last weeks of pregnancy, fighting about cutting off a body part that is neither mine NOR his. Yes, he is circ'ed himself, and I know that is weird for him. I try to be understanding. But I'm at my limit right now.

He refuses to view a video on it. I fully believe that if you cannot watch a procedure you want to put your newborn child through, you have no business being in on the decision. That's why I've started simply laying down the law.

In our state (MI) we were told only one signature is required. I have it in bold letters in our birth plan that the baby is not to be circumcized, and I plan on being "THAT new mom" who makes it perfectly clear to the head nurse and our OB that if, Godforbid, he wants to go over my head on the decision that I will sue every soul under the sun if they allow it. I am also going to keep baby in the room with us. I do not know what the hospital policy is on if it is my final say, though.

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