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Re: Am I right to tell him no on claiming ?

edited to say it does look like you can do that if your the custodial parent, your ex would file as the custodial parent and then you would file your ds as your dependent like the non-custodial exemption

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a credit offered to lower income individuals and families. The number of children you can claim as qualifying children is directly related to the amount you receive for this credit. The rules for a qualifying child for this credit are the same as the general rules, with the exception of the support rule. This credit is not affected by the Dependency Exemption Release. In a situation where the custodial parent files this form, the parent with whom the child lived for over half of the year still retains the right to claim that child for the Earned Income Tax Credit purposes. This is the only way in which a taxpayer can claim the child for the Earned Income Tax Credit when not claiming that child as a dependent.

Read more: Can Someone Take a Child as a Dependent and Another Parent Take the Child as Earned Income on Taxes?

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