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here ya go Cheli~a sorta rosie-posie folded flat on Aiden

For those reading that don't know the rosie-posie flat fold here's the link to that...

I followed the directions for that fold with my Little Lions flats (roughly 27x29) but when compared to an xs bg AIO it seemed to long...

so I tweaked it a bit and came up with this comparison...

here's how I did it...

first I folded both sides in instead of just folding in half. I figured it gives more ability to adjust acording to what your baby needs by either overlapping or leaving a bit of a gap...

then I folded a bit of the length down in the back because just folding in half would still result in too long of a rise on my guy...

next I folded the bottom up to the rise I needed...

the rest I followed exactly like the rosie-posie fold by basically trifolding, but creating a wing with one layer...

here is the finished result on Aiden... (sorry Cheli, I tried with a snappi but I am a snappi moron and am 100% more confident with pins!! )

and a side view...

it didn't turn out as snug as I'd like, so I'm thinking the rise was still a bit long, and he did have a bit of a "butt wing" issue, but it did all fit under a small swaddlebees ABC wrap (which I didn't get a picture of, because Ava took off with the camera and Aiden was DONE modeling!!)

Hope that helps!!

...oh, and sorry for making you turn your head to the side to see the pictures right...I was already uploading when I realized I forgot to rotate them and was too lazy to start over
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