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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
There's so many things we can do that will have a positive effect on our health
I had to go all the way back to page one and find this quote because I loved it. This thread is just so encouraging. I liked how she said this quote rather than being overwhelmed with all there is to learn and change. I totally get overwhelmed with it at times.

We have come a long way, probably since having my first DD 5 years ago. That's what really pushed me towards eating better. I realized that *I* am responsible for everything that goes into my child's mouth! That was a big realization, lol.

I grind my own flour, using whole grains for everything. (White wheat is a great place to start, its still whole wheat but tastes lighter.)

We've switched to brown rice pasta recently. (reg pasta is not whole grain and we didn't care for a heavy wheat tasting pasta, but brown rice pasta works)

I've learned to make my own of lots of things. This allows me to cut out the HFCS and junk that are in so many things at the stores. Granola bars, etc, I make at home.

I just started making kefir this week! I'm using it for smoothies, and for soaking grains, something I'm just starting to do as well.

We did a CSA year before last and I just wasn't quite sure what to do with the weird veggies we got, lol. I want to try again this summer, but we're moving and I'm not sure exactly where yet so I'm bummed about that.

I want real milk and real eggs and real meat from a farm, but we haven't been able to afford that yet either.

I don't know what else... its definitely a process! Nice to have people to chat with about it all.
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