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Re: Thursday BSRB No Stocking Day... What to do???

I am here and caught up!

And shortly going to bed.

Things I never did with DS because they were too "mean" I do with DD and things I never would have dreamed of doing (babywearing) with DS I do with DD. You learn as you go and do what is best at the time.

DD has had to CIO more than once because I am dealing with her brother. DD gets put in a carrier a lot because I am busy chasing her brother....

Both kids watch I happen to miss adult company and during the day the TV is as close as it gets son now knows toyotas from ford and can recite the number to windshield world well as many other actually useful and good things. His words pretty much EXPLODED when I started allowing TV for him. I do keep the material child friendly but he does watch it...

Hmm what else? He does get chocolate chips for pooping on the potty however he would also eat grapes and green beans until the cows came home...

Like I said, you grow and adjust and learn as time goes on and do what is best in the situation at the varies for everyone!
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