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Re: Thursday BSRB No Stocking Day... What to do???

First off, let me say that we are NEVER this chatty on a non-stocking day this late at night!! I caught up as much as i could, but man! it was not easy

Dh came home and i had asked him to stop at the store for something i need to get for tomorrow, and he did not do it. So, when he came home he whined that he was tired and hungry so in the midst of my laundry/cleaning/etc/mommy time, i had to put decent clothes back on (i don't go out in public in pjs, that's just one thing i will not do! ) and go to the store myself. So i just got back and he was nice enough to leave all his dishes and everything on the counter so i had to empty the dishwasher and re-load it, etc etc. Now i am back but i need to go to bed like 10 minutes ago!

Originally Posted by aranel7 View Post
I think the reason why those types of schedules are looked down upon is because they *could* lead to things like supply problems, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Just like doing a certain thing is not one size fits all, I don't think avoiding a certain thing has to be one size fits all either.

Admittedly though, I am not that up on babywise. I do really feel that both sides can paint whatever picture they want using emotional wording that gets to moms though.
I have no idea what babywise is, but I have to find out tomorrow. I have a feeling it's not for me, but hey. I like to hear alternative methods to parenting, even if i disagree with them.

Originally Posted by treala05 View Post
I missed so much while I was gone!!

Reese is a sleeper too. She usually sleeps 7-7 at night (though here at my parents she's been up by 6 every morning ) and naps 2-3 hours during the day. Both DH and I have been serious sleepers all our life too, so I think it's in her blood

I couldn't have written a better description of myself if I tried. We are very similar!

I like this little group we have
I our little group too Alaina, I find that we do have very similar ways with our LOs That's so cool

Originally Posted by treala05 View Post
Uh...except the circumcision part since we have a girl But I would in the case of a boy!
that was the most difficult decision i had to make for him. I am not sure I made the "right" one (as if there is such a thing as "right" or "wrong" for this issue) , but I am at peace with my decision nonetheless.

Originally Posted by westlysbride View Post
This happened to me the other day... I can't even begin to tell you how much I panicked.

about the 8a-8p. My brother and SIL are SO devoted to babywise. They have four perfectly healthy boys who all slept through the night by age 12 weeks. And my SIL had enough bm that she donated tons of it. I think it tends to be such a *hot* topic that neither side looks at it without bias. When I've read the book I haven't seen what some others report.

Okay. I am usually so UP on abbreviations... what in the world is CIO???

My bio: SAHM (and nursing student), sometimes babywearing, sometimes co-sleeping, selective vaxing, circing and non-circing, hospital and homebirthing, homemade baby food and jarred, not as much tv as I'd like (for myself ), cding, ebfing (except for the two times I've pulled out the formula to give myself a b-r-e-a-k and not felt bad about it)... what else Pretty much

I think each and every one of you mamas is the creme-de-la-creme!
Esther, ITA! I am so glad to have you back. Your laundry list is great too! I think it's neat to see how often what works for the first LO changes with the second, or third, LO. You have been on both sides of so many mommy-issues, and i think that makes you very well-rounded

Di, i am so glad the mini-turkey burgers are such a hit!! I seriously just come up with these things on the fly I made him another one tonight, as a matter of fact. But he was in the mood for avocado instead . This kid, i tell ya! keeps me guessing...

Originally Posted by luvmykeikis View Post
Hi Esther!

So what does everyone put in their spaghetti sauce. Here is mine, Prego heart smart mushroom, prego organic mushroom, can of mushrooms, ground turkey, and turkey sausage.
I have a secret family spag sauce recipe. It does not really take "all day" but it takes a few hours. I have been known to put it in the crock pot and it turns out just fine! I also have a secret lasagna recipe that goes along with it. People beg for my mom's lasagna it's TDF

Originally Posted by mommy2roo View Post
now I want some!

I like blk olives... but no one here does
I love black olives! DH and i eat them out of the can!

Originally Posted by aranel7 View Post
I use jarred when I'm making eggplant parm. I'm already going to the trouble of frying all that eggplant and my kitchen is already a shambles, so I don't mind cutting corners then. I use Classico 4 cheese when I need a jar.

That's my dirty little secret though.
I am cracking up, because i used Classico Tomato Basil with your eggplant recipe i just could not bring myself to make sauce, and i was to tell you!! haha. I think it is a reasonable short cut Funny we chose the same brand too. I totally copied your marinara recipe.
Originally Posted by westlysbride View Post
Megs. sounds so yummy. The shelves around here are becoming very bare. I've been putting off the dreaded grocery shopping trip. So last night I decided to 'make' sauce with what I had on hand. We ate it... but it was not very good at all!

My favorite jarred is actually the sauce from Aldi. I'm sure it is very unhealthy but I love it. And for .99 you can't go wrong.

If I have the right ingredients I homemade. It is pretty much Jenn's recipe but I like to use fresh basil. yummy!

I agree 100%. What is with the 'plastic' tasting store tomatoes
Fresh basil on everything!! Yum. I have a little plant of basil growing in my kitchen window

Originally Posted by starla79 View Post
I gently retract as far as it will go without ah... forcing it... to clean it. When he's got icky poos and has diaper rash cream on it, it tends to build up in there a little (gag) and has to be cleaned out. But i've heard about pediatricians forcibly retracting it and at each of his exams i've been ready to stop them but none of them have tried it. So that's good.

You know, the one thing i've discovered as a parent is that half the stuff i've sworn i'd never do, i've done. Co-sleeping, letting him cry (when it's 3am and you're desperate for sleep... we don't CIO per se, but sometimes after a few minutes of crying he settles down to sleep faster, don't ask me why), jarred baby food, heck, even the epidural i got... i probably swore at one time i wouldn't do cloth diapers, too. Each decision i've made has been fraught with hand-wringing and agonizing, and i'm sure most of you go through the same thing when you make decisions for your kids. Which is why i don't see the point in criticizing other mamas for their decisions... it's not decisions any of us take lightly, so it's kind of... i don't know... arrogant? to assume otherwise. I guess that's why seeing people attacked for their parenting decisions peeves me so much, it's not just that they are disagreeing with you, it's that undercurrent that you must be some poor ignorant FOOL that doesn't know the benefits of ______ and therefore you must be EDJUMUHCATED and then you'll come around.

I don't mind hearing people talk about how they're raising their kids and why they do what they do. I think i gave the impression that i don't want to hear about that and i didn't mean to... i do like hearing the whys and whens of parenting decisions, it makes me think about my own decisions and consider things differently. What I don't have time or energy for is the arguing and backbiting that goes on in other places about parenting. Especially when that time could be spent on other things. Like diapers.

Marinara... sounds great. Can't wait until D's 1 year and then we can actually feed him TOMATOES finally (we have him on the delayed diet b/c of allergy reasons).
ITA with the above You always say it best. You wanna just post for me? Just kidding. But i could call you and then you could sum up what i have to say... that would be so cool!

Also, i am DYING to introduce X to tomatoes, but i am IDK why. We don't have food allergy history here, but I am waiting until 1 yr regardless. (unless i get a wild hair to do it this weekend, now that i am thinking about it )

Originally Posted by mrsdi View Post
Oh, sorta funny story before I go to bed....

So, as some of you may know, I got a speeding ticket back in Jan. Anyway, I kept asking DH to pay it within the time limit and he told me he had.

Today I check the mail and there's a letter in there telling me my license is going to be suspended 3/12.

I called DH at work, and he told me he paid it, and was irate & asked for the # so he could call them.

The woman on the phone says, "NO, you didn't pay it. Did you know that there's a warrant out for your wife's arrest?!"

The rest of the day was spent with humorous emails back and forth to each other of me being pulled over in our neighborhood, read my rights and packed up into a squad car in handcuffs with poor C in the backseat of our car.

Not really funny if it were to happen, but it would have made a good COPS episode.

Needless to say, he paid it immediately. He really had convinced himself that he had paid it.

At least I'm not the only one with mommy brain. I just didn't realize daddies got it, too.
Ugh. that would sooooooo not have been funny if it had happened! But wow. DH has Daddy brain My DH had "daddy brain" before he was a daddy. I swear, i had to make a mental note of where everything was: keys, sunglasses, etc. I can hardly keep track of my own stuff now, so he has to fend for himself and surprisingly does better than he had in the past Maybe he was just trying to make me feel needed before .

Ok, goodnight mamas. We'll talk in the morning. Maybe we'll get some previews tomorrow
Wife to my BFF, Mommy to X (3/08)

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