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Re: ***Clomid Club***

Marlene-I have to say I think the TTC board is the nicest & I do love DS but I am partial to this part We dont bite & its the only place you can ask "dumb/silly" questions & people understand & usually will try to answer!!!

Amanda-I dont think being a day off would matter to much to be honest as long as you get the 5 days. I am glad to know you didnt get horrible side effects I am also preparing myself to be a COMPLETE nut case but to be honest I havent heard to many crazy clomid storys(of course now that I said that I will be the crazy one!) Provera I did get side effects that were pretty bad to be honest....really bad cramps(a few days I couldnt hardlely move), gas(which was really embressing!!!!), & I have been emotional but I dont know if that was the Provera or all TTC/PCOS thing hitting me
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