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Re: ***Clomid Club***

Name: Julie
BDing partner/DH
Children: DD Madelyn 11/13/05
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): unexplained
TTC Since: 6/06 seeking professional help since 7/07
Meds: last mo- first round of clomid (thinned uterine lining so no clomid for me anymore) This mo- femara (had a good egg 23mm but progesterone was only 11).

Hi Mamas! Hope you'll still let me join you. I used clomid but can't anymore. I am on femara (similar to the way clomid works). I am hoping to test in the next couple days if af doesn't show. I'm not too confident though because my progesterone was only 11. On clomid it was 25! I have heard that women still get pregnant and have successful pregnancies with levels like mine. We'll see I guess.
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