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Re: BF in public. How do I deal?

Originally Posted by rpg_mommy
Man, I'm a REALLY nonconfrontational person, but THIS is the topic that I'd speak up on!!!

Move you back to a room? "No thanks, she's eating now and I don't want to interupt her by moving."

Didn't realize you weren't giving her formula? "Why on earth would I give my baby formula?"

If a nurse at my ped's office tried to make me feel bad for NIP there, I would have no problem reminding them that breastmilk is the superior food for babies and that if their office is not supportive of breastfeeding then I can easily find another doctor for my child who IS. Besides, when they spirit people off to a backroom to nurse, it just reinforces to everyone in the waiting room that breastfeeding is shameful. What if there was another new mom out there who was having trouble breastfeeding and was wondering whether to quit or not, and she sees the NURSE make a bf'ing mom leave the room? What kind of example does that set? Pooh on that nurse!


My son hates to have anything over his head while he's nursing too. And you know what? If people ever stared at me disapprovingly while I nursed, I'd just grin at them and say "Oh I know! It's the greatest thing, isn't it? Being able to comfort my baby anywhere and not having to worry about a bottle? Just like God intended!"

to you mama for nursing your baby! And poo on the naysayers!

And sorry for the rant.

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