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Re: Grumpy threes?

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
OH MY GOSH! My three year old is like a pmsing teenager, seriously. She is so awful lately I just want to pull out my hair. We were at Basics the other day and she was pushing a little cart. Well when It was time to go she refused to budge and I had to drag her, cart and all out the door. She is constantly whining, screaming, crying, and hitting her sisters. I don't remember my other two like this at.all.
My three year old daughter is like this. She was so sweet when she was two but when she hit three she became this little diva. She screams when she doesn't get her way and she smacks her older brother around. When she gets in one of those moods at home I just let her freak out in her room because nothing I say or do will make her stop. I keep telling myself it won't last forever but man, is she trying my patience.
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