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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

I have a story about my limited experience. When I was pregnant w/my son, one of the first things I said about my early choices regarding my son was that "he will be circumsized!"
However I started surfing the internet and found and it's forums and it's outspoken mothers/women. I was there just because I was interested in general pregnancy info and cloth diapering.
That place really opened my eyes hehe.

Thankfully I read up on circumcision and it's details, the good the bad and the ugly. I couldnt even bear to watch the videos though honestly.
Mostly how it affected the baby and how there really were no medical reasons to have it done.
So I realized I should not have a say in my child being cut and any reasons I thought were valid just seemed so shallow once I learned the truth.
I just could not imagine my tiny baby being taken away from me to be cut, what a way to be introduced to the world.

Sometimes, a mom/parent just needs to see the whole picture, everyone at least deserves to hear both sides.
I am so glad he was not cut. Before I learned the truth, I assumed circumcision was just something that was done, seemed normal and appropriate, but really it's the exact opposite.

When I had my son at the hospital, the nurses there all supported having newborn baby boys remain intact.
Circumcision was not routinely done and you had to call in a doctor to do it. That made me so happy, that there was medical staff that supported babies remaining intact and there werent just doctors on stand by to perform circumcisions.

I am thankful the information was there for me to read on a forum, I dont know if I would have searched for it otherwise.
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