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Re: Toddler at an air show? I have never been to one

Of course I'm opinionated being the wife of someone who works on jets, but all my friends have always taken their toddlers with them to the air shows. Most didn't even think of noise protection (though I think it's a fantastic idea and would def bring everything- ear plugs, "head phones". (my dds have never been to an air show for various reason, so no first hand accounts of my own) but all my friends kids did wonderful. It's super hot (so lots of sunscreen) and there are tons of people- so stroller or backpack "leash" make come in handy. It would take less then 5 seconds for him to get lost in the crowd at these types of events.

How much are tickets? Is it a reasonable enough price that if it doesn't go well, you can up and leave? The ones on our base open to the public didn't have an admission charge unless you wanted to sit in bleachers. Is it on a base or civilian? Because if on base they have a long list of what can and can't be brought.

Personal opinion: I have a 22 month old and I don't think she'd love an airshow (crowds, confined to a stroller or a tiny distance), but as stated my friends took kids same age and younger and said theirs had a great time So, unless it's something YOU really think you'd enjoy I might pass.
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