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Induction date set

I had my 36 week visit yesterday. We scheduled my induction for August 8th- which is 10 days before my due date. They want to induce because my prior deliveries have been very fast- including #3 which was a non-medicated induction with only 3 hours of labor.

Otherwise visit was good as well. They checked me and I've already dilated to 3 cm, and am 60 to 70% effaced, with baby being very low and putting a lot of pressure on my cervix. The midwife I saw yesterday was able to schedule my induction on a day that one of my favorite midwives will be covering labor and delivery- and she delivered (or rather caught!) my second baby, so that's good since we already have a great relationship.

They also feel very confident that since my cervix is already so ripe and ready that they can induce again without Pitocin- just strip my membranes and break my water. So all is looking good right now.
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