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Re: tips to prepare for foster kids???

We were originally going to take up to 2 kids, nb - 3, so I made sure I had 2 of everything like bouncy seats, car seats, excersaucer, booster seats, etc. FreeCycle is great. I went on and asked for ppls hand me downs for foster care and got a lot of nice stuff, including toys, strollers, & pack n plays. For diapers, I bought one pack of size 3s and one of 6s. Those two will cover almost all kids. You may also want a pack of nbs or 1s, just in case. Like pp said, at least 2 outfits in every size. You can use large t shirts for pajamas for both sexes, so some, like, size 6-8 or 10s. Socks and underwear. Formula and bottles!! Try and get a sample can (know any nurses or drs?), or get some unopened from a friend who is no longer using it. Sippy cups. Pacifiers. Different KINDS of pacifiers (you know how kids are! picky picky). A box of baby wipes. Good luck!
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