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Re: Now that Im here in Honolulu...please share where to go for

For bin health food stores there Down to Earth on King street. Right next door is the BEST indian restaurant on the island, the Maharani Cafe. Its expensive and only open for dinner, but totally worth it. Up the street is my favorite korean bbq place Gina's. Huge plate lunches for reasonable prices. I also like to get crepes at Le Crepe Cafe on East Manoa rd. For ramen I like Sanoya Rahmen on King st near Mcully. My favorite place for pizza is JJ Dolan on Bethal st in Chinatown. For burgers I like Teddys Better Burgers on Beratina. For sushi theres always Genki.
I don't know how old your LOs are but there are lots of hikes all over the island. If thats something your family would be interested in I could come up with a list for you. Mostly what I do for fun is go have lunch/dinner/drinks with friends and go hiking or to the beach.
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