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Re: BSRB Tuesday - YES its 4am..


I am in with my TIAN!!! Mia slept ALL night woke up pretty wet, but NOT drippy! I think once they are washed a few times they will absorb more! The fit is great too! I REALLY Like them! I am gonna get 2 more!
I'll be here off and on today we are gonna go file our taxes and then go look at furniture, and THANKS for the reciepe that sounds So yummy I am gonna get the stuff for it tonight to have tomorrow!

to all the sick mommas and babies! FEEL Better VERY Soon!
We dont have a sprayer Mia has fairly solid poop now so it usually just plops off in the toilet, but when it is a sticky poop I just pull the shower head down and spray it like a mad women... If it is STILL really bad I soak it in my "wet" pail down in the basement until wash day and I change the water every day (I am paronoid about stains). other wise we just put it in the Hanging Pail.

Travel with CDs: We have gone as far as camping with our CDs... And at the time I was still fairly new in the CD world and Just had a Clear Garbage bag that I put all the diapers in, and left them in the bed of my dads truck with a small tarpe over them... Worked great for the time, now THIS year Mia will most likely PL but I plan on Just bringing my hanging pail from Goodmama with us, and ALL my diapers that I will need as there isn't a washer or dryer... When we visit family up north there is a washer and dryer but they have REALLy weird water and so I wouldn't trust it with my diapers so I will bring almost all of my stash cause we stay for a week and I have atleast half a weeks worth of diapers now and I will I'm sure have more by then lol! But like I said DD is proboly going to PL this summer So I don't need as many diapers to travel if this happens!
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