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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

We usually don't.

The only footwear that dd has that is used are snow boots and rain boots. We don't wear them often and they aren't really a type of shoe that gets molded to a foot. I also once bought her a used pair of preschoolians. They are the shoes that come with 3 different removable footbeds (narrow, med, wide). The person who I bought them from said they had hardly been used and they had only used the wide footbed. DD needed the narrow, so it was pretty much like using a new shoe.

DS wore a used pair of 0-6 mo robeez. Babies don't walk so they were just for warmth, so no problems there.

But once they are really walking, I prefer new shoes. We get ours at Marshalls (outlet store). Stride rites are $13-$17 a pair. Right now dd is wearing a pair of Merrel mary janes that were $16. So I do get bargains.
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