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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

Originally Posted by sillyutalktome View Post
I wear used shoes and so does she. It's not everyday so I don't see the problem. We both have new pairs and new to us pairs.
Ditto! For me, I have to buy new because I have really bad vericose veins and I have to wear Dr. Schols brand or my legs are in agony so twice I year I buy a $50 pair. But before I had kids/bad legs I only bought used. For my kids, they have both-I love buying used sandals and play shoes because they're going to ruin them in about five seconds anyways! But for church/dress shoes, I usually go to Payless or Target-but I never spend more than $10 a pair. As my kids get older, I will probably buy one new pair of school shoes each fall but they'll wear the heck out of them
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