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Re: First food?

Originally Posted by Taowensf

Seriously, we started with cereal because we didn't know any better. There's no reason NOT to wait and then no reason NOT to serve table foods. Bananas are always a great first food--the longtime recommended first food by LLL.

With future dc's we will definitely skip the overprocessed 'grain' cereals (if you can even call what it ends up being 'grains'!) and stick solely with REAL PEOPLE food, kwim? Oh, and we're hoping to exclusively BF for at least 12 months this time!

And Yeah, what PP said about the taste of BM. It's SOO sweet, much sweeter than fruits.

Best of luck to you!

Oh I hope you update us on the EBFing for 12 months! I have actually read a LOT suggestioning the benefits of EBFing for the first 2 years of life, although I don't know that I could see that working for us.
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