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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We are a family of 5, although my daughter is only 15 weeks so she only eats from me. We spend about $100 a week. It takes a lot of listing and meal planning and I still go over sometimes because my husband eats A LOT.

I stick to really really simple stuff most of the time because when I start trying new things I over spend. If I want to try adding new recipes I usually go slow, like one new thing a week so it doesn't break my budget.

We also have a list of family staples. These are things that we always use up and need. From that list I can make a ton of stuff. It has stuff like milk, eggs, sugar, ground turkey, veg oil, cheerios, coffee, canned tomatoes, etc.

For breakfast this is what I always have available: Eggs, Cheerios, whole grain quick oats (we sweeten them with honey and cinnamin). I always have ingrediants for homemade pancakes and French toast, which is basically flour, eggs, sugar.

Lunches: Whole wheat sandwhiches. Pb&J or turkey with mayo or tuna. Canned, frozen or fesh veggies (whatever is in season/on sae) and something sweet like fresh fruit or applesauce or yogurt. We also do sweet potato fries a lot. And we do leftovers from dinner.

Dinner: Simple stuff like baked chicken, veg and starch. Whole grain pasta and sauce w a little groud turkey. I get a lot of simple, affordable ideas from pinterest.

I spent $15 dollars on a spice rack from Target. It came with 20 of the basic spices that recipes call for for a fraction of what it would have cost to buy them individually. I also buy the store brand for most everything.

Snacks are applesauce, yogurt, dry cereal, raisens, bananas, grapes, graham crackers, Nutella and whatever is on sale.
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