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Re: What to do when your family thinks you're nuts...

Originally Posted by lavender dragonfly View Post
Here's the way I look at it... We are all a little crazy in one way or another

The majority of the US doesn't use cloth
The majority of the US wouldn't think to bf past 6mo
The majority of the US doesn't baby wear
The majority of the US thinks co sleeping is unsafe
.... The majority of the US, sadly, is very misinformed
The majority of the WORLD uses cloth, bf's over a year, baby wears, cosleeps.

Those who think we are crazy are blindfolded, the don't see the big picture and probably never will. You are one of the first people that are opening that door for them... Even if they admit it or not. The next person they encounter, or the next ad they see for cloth, bfing, baby wearing, etc. will simply be reinforcing what your doing. It's not easy being the first, but trust me..... with time, time itself will back you up mama!

Coodos to you for standing your ground and doing what you believe is the right thing for your baby---- that has proven to be one of the hardest things as a new mom for me.
Yes this! And I run into it in my family too.
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