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Re: Hilarious take on sleeping thru the night ;-)

Originally Posted by zosiasmama View Post
I found that sort of weird and hard to follow, but I am only on my first cup of coffee this morning. We finally resorted to Weissbluths method and let her fuss it out and she did great. I nurse her till drowsy now and she puts herself to sleep every night, but she is still waking 3-4 times at night and only wants to nurse. I am pregnant again and really at the and of my rope, I am tired and grouchy all the time and fed up with this night time stuff. I know she is only a year old but honestly I NEED her to sleep all night..,..soon!
In a few weeks my DH is taking a week off and he is going to work her through the night and try to get her to sleep through the night without having to nurse. We really don't know what else to do. Any hints would be great. Danni
Mine is recently waking at night, which is new but I have found that he really doesn't want anything. If I go in and try to nurse him or even give a bottle, he might take a little, but then falls asleep almost immediately. The last few nights we've let him fuss and it only lasts about 2-4min and he's right back to sleep. I don't know if it's a teething thing or developmental thing (he's learning to sit up by himself and wanting to crawl) or if he just wakes up and is looking for a new position, but I'm hoping it ends quickly cause I absolutely cannot fall back asleep until he's quiet and has been for 10-15min.
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