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Re: Tell me about your homebirth that went wrong...

Wow, I just realized that my last birth would fall into this category. We planned a homebirth with our last baby but my water broke at 35/36 weeks. 36 by lmp but 35 weeks by ovulation date. So the midwife was using 36 weeks in her charts but we all knew that it was really closer to 35 weeks. When I called her to say my water had broken, she said she felt it was best if I went to the hospital because every single baby she'd delivered that early ended up needing to be transported for breathing issues and just being too early. My fear of being in the hospital then caused my labor to pretty much stall out. Midwife called back several times to check in with us and asked if we were really sure on my dates because she knew my fears. Said if we were sure, that she would come out to have the baby at home. But we'd been in the middle of a move right before I got pregnant and apart for 2 months so I knew the dates were right. I didn't want all the other kids to see the baby taken away in an ambulance after birth so we did go to the hospital. There they pushed for pitocin to speed things up because it had been too long since my water had broken they said. But since I was a VBAC patient, that was still preferable to me than being pushed for a c-section. We had the perfect nurse who actually worked as a doula on the side and was very supportive of homebirths and was our advocate with the rest of staff to keep things as natural as possible. I do not believe things would have gone as well with any other nurse. She sat with us and explained everything they wanted to do, reminded us we could refuse anything, even told us the things she would refuse if in our position. She was the first hospital related person to ever support my wish to labor out of bed. Aside for the dr's constant questions about how I must not have had any prenatal care at all if I was attempting a homebirth, things went very well. Baby was born 24 hrs after my water broke, my midwife then called and made arrangements to do all the newborn testing in her office later so that we were able to be released about 12 hrs after the baby was born. He was totally healthy, no breathing issues. He did end up with mild jaundice because my milk just would not come in for days but once we solved that issue, he's been healthy. He was a tad on the small side but otherwise healthy. We do intend to go for a homebirth again if we have another child but after all of my previous hospital experiences, this birth was in some way healing for me and reaffirmed that you can actually have a good experience in a hospital. Maybe not always easy but it is possible.
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