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Re: Tell me about your homebirth that went wrong...

I work L&D as a nurse, and to be honest, we get relatively few transfers to our unit from attempted HBs or post-partum HB. Now, I am not sure if it's because there aren't a lot of HBs in our area, or if thing go pretty smoothly (low-risk pregnancies, etc.) The girls we do get are usually non-emergent, but urgent. This is usually do to excess bleeding after delivery. Sometimes Mamma just nees some (extra) pitocin after delivery to help her uterus contract (especially if its baby #3 or more). But I'm pretty sure a lot of CNMs and Doulas can give it. I know that the CNMs are liscenced to give it.
I see births every day (which in our hospital is about 500 a month) so we see a lot of good, easy non-complicated births. Of course because we see SO MANY a month there are also a few complicated deliveries, never have we had an injury or death of a child or mother at our hospital, though. I say if you are low-risk, and have researched your options, your local hospital is not open to your birthplan, or non-accomidating, go for a home birth! Think of how many babies were delivered at home for centuries. Good luck, Mama!
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