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Re: Am i a crazy person?

Allright. So I'm not completely batty to think this might work. I just know that i can dig up some old shirts to use (free) I have that fabric that would probably make 6 or so flats (free) I can hit the thrift store for some shirts (super cheap) Maybe get some flour sack towells (what $6?) And then all I have to buy is some covers, doublers, pins, and wet bags.

I'll be completely honest here, one big reason I'm not wanting to shell out tons of money is that I'm totally not sure if I'll stick with it. My hubby doesn't think I will (sort of gives me the urge to do it just to show him.) He says he'll have nothing to do with cloth diapers, but I think once we move on to something he can put on just like a disposable he'll be on board. Especially when he sees that we don't have to run to the store and spend money all the darned time (he's a total tight wad, once he realizes that this will means we get to keep more of our money he'll use whatever diaper we have.)
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