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Re: Am i a crazy person?

Originally Posted by Lacemonster View Post
I'll be completely honest here, one big reason I'm not wanting to shell out tons of money is that I'm totally not sure if I'll stick with it. My hubby doesn't think I will
I knew going in I'd have no trouble sticking with it, but DH didn't have an ounce of faith. Now he raves to anyone who'll listen how great cloth diapers are!

Honestly, I've used both cloth diapers and disposables (but very occasionally). The cloth aren't much more work - flushing the poop and doing one more load of laundry a week. That little bit of extra work is outweighed by all the benefits - less smell, less cost, less mess, less waste.

If you really aren't sure you'll stick with it, there's no reason why you can't build a small supply of cloth diapers now to try out. If you like it, invest in more at that point.
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