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Not this again

Just like her brother, little Miss(7 days today) is tongue tied. Very tight lingual frenulum=exceedingly painful nursing sessions. Right now we are back to the routine we used for Gman. It kept him fed, but made me feel like poop as a mom. I have to use a breast shield at every feeding or my nips feel like ground meat, I can't nurse on one side for more than 10m tops even w/ the breast shield because of the pain. Then she gets a bottle, then I pump for what little good that does. I don't even think my milk has come in because it still looks like colostrum to me.

The LC is trying to get an SNS, though I'm not sure I see any point to it. I'm so frustrated and upset w/ the whole situation. Every feeding I want to cry, partly because of the pain partly because I feel like failure again. Gman only nursed for 9m-and I blame myself for that. We never got his tongue clipped(we simply couldn't find anyone who would do it) and 9m is when I introduced the cup. If I'd waited maybe he would have nursed until at least a year. I've already insisted Little Miss get clipped asap-even if we have to drive hours to an ENT or ped dentist. I can't go through this again, it's to hard. Emotionally I feel like I'm letting her down if I don't BF, but I can't take months and months of the pain again. I just can't do it, it would be better to pump exclusively or just switch to formula than go through that heck again.
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